Vision, Mission & Culture


 A world where everyone has the power to awaken their inner strengths to achieve an abundance of life on a personal and relational level.



 Harmony Cove’s mission is to inspire and awaken the potential of our clients by honoring their strengths, truths, and narratives so they can achieve balance and harmony to live the life they deserve.



Inner Harmony – We are dedicated to: awakening the possibility for others to live harmoniously. We honor the power of the mind to create inner peace, healing, and serenity.

Balance – We aspire to emphasize and demonstrate the importance of lifestyle balance. We value wholeness of self, and realize that this can only be obtained by practicing self-care and restoration.

Influence – We strive to have a positive impact on the people we collaborate with both professionally and therapeutically. We are intentional in our efforts to provide support in a wide capacity.

Integrity – We uphold both legal and ethical standards, as a means of providing a competent and high-quality level of care.

Personal Development – We believe in the continuous enhancement of skills. As professionals, we take part in advancing our approach by participating in trainings, workshops, and conferences on a consistent basis.

Quality – We exceed the needs and desires of those that we serve, by providing a high quality of services. From the very first phone call, our aim is to make each individual feel like a priority.

Spirituality – We reverence the presence of God, and welcome all who cherish spiritual connection and abundance.